Who is Sunshine and Pixie Dust?

Hey y'all!!!  Welcome to Sunshine and Pixie Dust!

Let me tell you a little about me.  I"m Cherie.  I'm a wife and mom and work full time in IT during the day.  My "off" time is my Sunshine and Pixie Dust time.  This time started as a little crafting hobby and gifts for my friends and family.  I started with small vinyl projects and expanded from there.

Sunshine and Pixie Dust was chosen as my lil biz name, because that's what I want to share.  With each item I make, I want to pass along a little sunshine and joy.  I love sharing a little pixie dust and bringing out magic and happiness.  ​My craft space is called Neverland.  It's my place to play and create that special sunshine and pixie dust.


My heart goes into each item made.  I love hearing the stories on custom orders.  Stories about family members, great friends expecting a baby, new babies on the way, matching wreaths to  home decor, the list goes on and on.  

Thank you for letting me share a little of me in your special items.

My family (hubby Jason and daughter Gabbie) loves to travel together and visit new places.  Jason and I are enjoying a MLB stadium tour over the next few years.  We plan to visit all 30 MLB stadiums.  10 visited so far.  Check back often.  We will start trying to blog and share all about our adventures.


The three of us are big time Disney fans and love visiting the mouse.  Hopefully we will start sharing some of those stories, too.  Maybe our daughter will let us start sharing some of her awesome videos from Disney.

We also like art projects and seeing what we can create.  We hope to share with you some of what it's like in our crazy little world. 

Contact me through the contact form.  I look forward to making something special for you.

God Bless!